Help Small Business Owners Navigate their Financials, make better business decisions and increase net profits.

This is for you if:
  • You have experience in tax and accounting by way of education or experience
  • You want to offer a higher value service and scale your tax and accounting firm

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Virtual CFOs work with companies on strategic growth.
CFO’s track, measure and analyze key performing indicators that drives and facilitates growth for the companies that
  • Planning Assisting your business clients with the strategic initiatives that will propel growth.
  • Operations Overseeing the companies processing systems and managing the accounting process.
  • Financial Overseeing the issuance of financial information (k1 schedules, w2s, 1099s, ect).
  • Risk management Understand and mitigate key elements of the company’s risk profile.
  • Funding Monitoring cash balances and cash forecasts, debt financing, and equity financing.
  • 3rd Parties Maintain banking relationships, investment bankers, and investors.
  • Cash management Forecasting and Budgeting.
  • Others Growth Strategies that are important to your client.
  • Virtual CFO The Financial Liaison & Strategist for businesses


What you'll get in Virtual CFO Bootcamp:

  • Step-by-Step Blueprint to help Small Business Owners understand and navigate their finances.
  • Help Small Business Owners Map out what's important for growth
  • Communicate insights on Net Income and Cash
  • Help Small Businesses Forecast to the Future for greater cash flow
  • Help Small Businesses take control over their cash
  • Help Small Businesses Gain Insight around their Key Performance Indicators for Success
  • Help Small Businesses Dig deep on Capital, Workforce Capacity, Inventory and supply chain, Facility management, Insurance Coverage, Changing Market demands, Marketing, and more
  • Bonus #1: CFO Engagement Letter
  • Bonus #2: CFO Pricing Matrix
  • Bonus #3: CFO Marketing Launch Plan (Get CFO Clients Fast)
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The average fulltime hire within an organization for a CFO ranges between $150,000-$480,000 per year!Outsourced Virtual CFO services is a great way to scale your tax & accounting firm while being cost effective for the business owner.

Average CFO engagements start at about $1000/week.One client can mean $48,000 per year in revenue to your tax and accounting firm.Time spent on average monthly for a CFO client will be 10-30 hours per month depending on the size of the company and scope of services needed.

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